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63   Shane Conacher   career statistics


Birthdate 4/24/94
Hometown Burlington, Ont.
Height 5-11
Weight 177

Year-by-Year Summary

Season   GP G A Pts. PPG SHG PIM Shots +/-
2013-2014 Canisius**32617231012602
2014-2015 Canisius Season In Progress

2014-2015 Game-by-Game

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DateOpponentGAPts.PIMScoring details
Oct. 10Western Michigan0000 
Oct. 11Western Michigan0000 
Oct. 17at Army11221-Conacher (Rigney) 5x6 10:10(2nd)
6-Cuddemi (Conacher) 6x6 19:12(3rd)
Oct. 18at Army0000 
Oct. 24at American Int'l10101-Conacher (Cuddemi, Sheeran) 6x5 10:26(3rd)
Oct. 25at American Int'l02201-Cuddemi (Freeman, Conacher) 6x5 11:11(2nd)
3-Freeman (Conacher, Sheeran) 6x5 5:24(3rd)
Oct. 31Ohio State11201-Conacher (Sheeran, Cuddemi) 6x6 0:22(1st)
3-Stander (Sheeran, Conacher) 13:23(3rd)
Nov. 1Ohio State0000 
Nov. 7at Sacred Heart01101-Rumble (Cuddemi, Conacher) 6x4 3:07(1st)
Nov. 8at Sacred Heart12321-Schmelzer (Conacher, Cuddemi) 6x6 4:09(1st)
2-Grazen (Conacher, Farrell) 6x5 3:40(2nd)
4-Conacher (Cuddemi, Rumble) 6x6 15:00(3rd)
Nov. 14RIT01103-Rumble (Conacher, Freeman) 6x5 4:20(3rd)
Nov. 15RIT0000 
Nov. 22Mercyhurst02201-Cuddemi (Conacher, Schmelzer) 6x6 8:06(1st)
2-Schmelzer (Conacher, Cuddemi) 6x6 9:16(1st)
Nov. 28Air Force11201-Cuddemi (Conacher, Schmelzer) 6x6 19:52(1st)
2-Conacher (Cuddemi, Bennett) 6x6 4:50(2nd)
Nov. 29Air Force01101-Freeman (Conacher, Rumble) 6x4 8:00(3rd)
Dec. 5American Int'l01101-Rumble (Cuddemi, Conacher) 6x5 15:55(1st)
Dec. 6American Int'l01102-Cuddemi (Rumble, Conacher) 6x6 17:40(2nd)
Jan. 2at Maine0000 
Jan. 3at Maine0000 
Jan. 9Holy Cross01102-Schmelzer (Cuddemi, Conacher) 6x6 1:10(ot)
Jan. 10Holy Cross01102-Cuddemi (Conacher, Roe) 6x6 17:29(3rd)
Jan. 13at Mercyhurst10103-Conacher (Rumble) 6x5 10:23(3rd)
Jan. 16Bentley0000 
Jan. 17Bentley10122-Conacher (McCrank, Cuddemi) 6x5 15:03(3rd)
Jan. 22at Niagara02201-Cuddemi (Conacher) 6x6 8:38(1st)
2-Cuddemi (Conacher, Roe) 6x6 1:22(3rd)
Jan. 24at Niagara04401-Cuddemi (Conacher, Roe) 6x6 9:09(1st)
3-McCrank (Conacher, Cuddemi) 6x5 10:22(2nd)
4-Schmelzer (Conacher, Wiseman) 6x6 12:59(2nd)
5-Schmelzer (Conacher) 6x6 17:55(3rd)
Feb. 6at Robert Morris01101-Cuddemi (Schmelzer, Conacher) 6x6 2:52(3rd)
Feb. 7at Robert Morris0002 
Feb. 13Army10101-Conacher (Freeman, Wiseman) 6x5 3:38(2nd)
Feb. 14Army10101-Conacher (Roe, Cuddemi) 6x6 14:25(1st)
Feb. 20at Mercyhurst11201-Conacher (Cuddemi, Jessey) 6x6 7:34(1st)
2-Rumble (McCrank, Conacher) 6x5 4:41(2nd)
Feb. 21Mercyhurst02201-Cuddemi (Conacher, Rumble) 6x5 5:24(1st)
3-Cuddemi (Conacher, Freeman) 6x5 6:09(3rd)
Feb. 27at Air Force0000 
Feb. 28at Air Force0000 
Mar. 13Sacred Heart0000 
Mar. 14Sacred Heart0002 
Mar. 20RIT10101-Conacher (Jessey, Cuddemi) 6x6 10:07(2nd)
TOTALS 11263710 

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