Kevin Goumas

2010-2011 Game-by-Game

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DateOpponentGAPts.PIMScoring details
Oct. 9at Miami0000 
Oct. 16Michigan0000 
Nov. 12Massachusetts0002 
Nov. 13Massachusetts0000 
Nov. 19Boston University0000 
Nov. 20at Boston University0000 
Nov. 23Brown0000 
Nov. 27Merrimack0002 
Dec. 2at Mass.-Lowell0000 
Dec. 5Vermont0000 
Dec. 10at Maine02202-Silengo (Kipp, Goumas) 6x6 8:24(3rd)
4-Silengo (Henrion, Goumas) 6x6 1:26(ot)
Jan. 7Mass.-Lowell0000 
Jan. 8at Massachusetts0000 
Jan. 15Dartmouth0002 
Jan. 21Providence01103-Silengo (Kostolansky, Goumas) 6x6 13:27(3rd)
Jan. 22Boston University0000 
Jan. 28at Providence0002 
Feb. 4Maine10144-Goumas (Moses, Kessel) 6x6 16:04(1st)
Feb. 5Maine11203-Goumas (Moses, Beck) 6x6 10:34(2nd)
4-Borisenok (Goumas, Moses) 6x6 9:44(3rd)
Feb. 11Merrimack0000 
Feb. 12at Merrimack00014 
Feb. 18at Vermont12302-Moses (Goumas, Kostolansky) 6x6 14:13(1st)
3-Borisenok (Goumas, Moses) 6x6 1:05(2nd)
4-Goumas (Borisenok, Moses) 6x6 12:49(3rd)
Feb. 19at Vermont01101-Beck (Moses, Goumas) 6x5 6:28(2nd)
Feb. 25Northeastern10142-Goumas (Borisenok, Kessel) 6x5 7:32(3rd)
Feb. 26at Northeastern03322-Moses (Borisenok, Goumas) 6x6 9:53(2nd)
5-Borisenok (Moses, Goumas) 6x6 5:51(3rd)
6-Moses (Goumas) 6x6 18:32(3rd)
Mar. 4at Boston College0000 
Mar. 5Boston College0000 
Mar. 11Vermont01103-Moses (Borisenok, Goumas) 6x6 9:09(3rd)
Mar. 12Vermont01102-Moses (Kostolansky, Goumas) 6x6 17:56(2nd)
Mar. 18Merrimack0000 
Mar. 26Miami20201-Goumas (Campanale, Kipp) 6x6 1:53(1st)
3-Goumas (Beck) 6x6 18:35(3rd)
Mar. 27Notre Dame0000 
TOTALS 6121832 

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