Mitch Jones

2011-2012 Game-by-Game

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DateOpponentGAPts.PIMScoring details
Oct. 7at Wisconsin0000 
Oct. 8at Wisconsin0000 
Oct. 14St. Cloud State01101-Seckel (Jones, Thurber) 6x6 18:10(1st)
Oct. 15St. Cloud State01101-Vigier (Jones, Cherniwchan) 6x6 2:26(1st)
Oct. 21Michigan10103-Jones (Ludwig, Thurber) 1:01(3rd)
Oct. 22Michigan10103-Jones (Walchuk, Gron) 6x6 0:59(3rd)
Oct. 28at Western Michigan0002 
Oct. 29at Western Michigan0000 
Nov. 4Notre Dame0000 
Nov. 5Notre Dame0002 
Nov. 11at Ohio State0000 
Nov. 12at Ohio State0000 
Nov. 19Michigan State01101-Florek (Follmer, Jones) 6x5 19:49(2nd)
Dec. 2Miami0004 
Dec. 3Miami011154-Florek (Jones, Gron) 6x4 0:48(3rd)
Dec. 16Michigan Tech0002 
Jan. 6Alaska0000 
Jan. 7Alaska10124-Jones (Kaunisto, Baker) 6x6 5:33(3rd)
Jan. 13at Michigan State0002 
Jan. 14at Michigan State0000 
Jan. 21at Michigan Tech0000 
Jan. 27at Miami0000 
Jan. 28at Miami0002 
Feb. 3Ferris State0000 
Feb. 4Ferris State0000 
Feb. 10at Bowling Green0000 
Feb. 11at Bowling Green10101-Jones (Follmer, Vigier) 6x5 4:12(2nd)
Feb. 17at Michigan0000 
Feb. 18at Michigan0002 
Feb. 24Lake Superior01104-Vigier (Jones, Gron) 5x4 16:57(2nd)
Feb. 25Lake Superior10103-Jones (Seckel, Thurber) 6x6 4:58(2nd)
Mar. 2Bowling Green02202-Daugherty (Baker, Jones) 6x6 4:58(2nd)
3-Cherniwchan (Jones, Vigier) 6x5 1:27(3rd)
Mar. 3Bowling Green01102-Florek (Vigier, Jones) 5x4 18:48(1st)
Mar. 4Bowling Green10121-Jones (Vigier, Florek) 6x6 4:48(2nd)
TOTALS 681435 

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