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CCHA Tournament

CCHA Champions

Season   Regular Season       Tournament
2002-03  Ferris State         Michigan
2001-02  Michigan             Michigan
2000-01  Michigan State       Michigan State
1999-00  Michigan             Michigan State
1998-99  Michigan State       Michigan
1997-98  Michigan State       Michigan State
1996-97  Michigan             Michigan
1995-96  Lake Superior        Michigan
1994-95  Michigan             Lake Superior
1993-94  Michigan             Michigan
1992-93  Miami-Ohio           Lake Superior
1991-92  Michigan             Lake Superior
1990-91  Lake Superior        Lake Superior
1989-90  Michigan State       Michigan State
1988-89  Michigan State       Michigan State
1987-88  Lake Superior        Bowling Green
1986-87  Bowling Green        Michigan State
1985-86  Michigan State       Western Michigan
1984-85  Michigan State       Michigan State
1983-84  Bowling Green        Michigan State
1982-83  Bowling Green        Michigan State
1981-82  Bowling Green        Michigan State
1980-81  Northern Michigan    Northern Michigan
1979-80  Northern Michigan    Northern Michigan
1978-79  Bowling Green        Bowling Green
1977-78  Bowling Green        Bowling Green
1976-77  St. Louis            Bowling Green
1975-76  Bowling Green        St. Louis
1974-75  St. Louis            St. Louis
1973-74  Lake Superior        St. Louis
1972-73  St. Louis            Bowling Green
1971-72  Ohio State           Ohio State

CCHA Major Award Winners

Player of the Year

2002-03  Chris Kunitz, F, Ferris State
2001-02  Ryan Miller, G, Michigan State
2000-01  Ryan Miller, G, Michigan State
1999-00  Shawn Horcoff, F, Michigan State
1998-99  Mike York, F, Michigan State
1997-98  Chad Alban, G, Michigan State
1996-97  Brendan Morrison, F, Michigan
1995-96  Brendan Morrison, F, Michigan
1994-95  Brian Holzinger, F, Bowling Green
1993-94  David Oliver, F, Michigan
1992-93  Brian Savage, F, Miami-Ohio
1991-92  Dwayne Norris, F, Michigan State
1990-91  Jim Dowd, F, Lake Superior
1989-90  Kip Miller, F, Michigan State
1988-89  Bruce Hoffort, G, Lake Superior
1987-88  Mark Vermette, F, Lake Superior
1986-87  Wayne Gagne, D, Western Michigan
1985-86  Dan Dorion, F, Western Michigan
1984-85  Ray Staszak, F, Illinois-Chicago
1983-84  Paul Pooley, F, Ohio State
1982-83  Brian Hills, F, Bowling Green
1981-82  George McPhee, F, Bowling Green
1980-81  Jeff Pyle, F, Northern Michigan
1979-80  Steve Weeks, G, Northern Michigan
1978-79  Ken Morrow, D, Bowling Green
1977-78  John Markell, F, Bowling Green
         Don Waddell, D, Northern Michigan
1976-77  Mike Liut, G, Bowling Green

Rookie of the Year

2002-03  Jeff Tambellini, F, Michigan
2001-02  Pat Dwyer, F, Western Michigan
2000-01  R.J. Umberger, F, Ohio State
1999-00  Chris Gobert, F, Northern Michigan
1998-99  Mike Comrie, F, Michigan
1997-98  Mark Eaton, D, Notre Dame
1996-97  Daryl Andrews, D, Western Michigan
1995-96  Marc Magliarditi, G, Western Michigan
1994-95  Marty Turco, G, Michigan
1993-94  Brendan Morrison, F, Michigan
1992-93  Chris Brooks, F, Western Michigan
1991-92  Brian Loney, F, Ohio State
1990-91  Brian Wiseman, F, Michigan
1989-90  David Roberts, F, Michigan
1988-89  Rod Brind'Amour, F, Michigan State
1987-88  John DePourcq, F, Ferris State
1986-87  Nelson Emerson, F, Bowling Green
1985-86  Joe Murphy, F, Michigan State
1984-85  Paul Ysebaert, F, Bowling Green
1983-84  Gary Emmons, F, Northern Michigan
         Bill Shibicky, F, Michigan State
1982-83  Chris Seychel, F, Michigan
1981-82  Jon Elliott, G, Michigan
1980-81  Jeff Poeschl, G, Northern Michigan
         Paul Pooley, F, Ohio State
1979-80  Steve Mulholland, F, Lake Superior
1978-79  George McPhee, F, Bowling Green

Coach of the Year

2002-03  Bob Daniels, Ferris State
2001-02  Guy Gadowsky, Alaska-Fairbanks
2000-01  Enrico Blasi, Miami-Ohio
1999-00  Scott Borek, Lake Superior
1998-99  Ron Mason, Michigan State
1997-98  John Markell, Ohio State
1996-97  Mark Mazzoleni, Miami-Ohio
1995-96  Bill Wilkinson, Western Michigan
1994-95  Buddy Powers, Bowling Green
1993-94  Gordon "Red" Berenson, Michigan
1992-93  George Gwozdecky, Miami-Ohio
1991-92  George Gwozdecky, Miami-Ohio
1990-91  Jeff Jackson, Lake Superior
1989-90  Ron Mason, Michigan State
1988-89  Ron Mason, Michigan State
1987-88  Frank Anzalone, Lake Superior
1986-87  Val Belmonte, Illinois-Chicago
1985-86  Bill Wilkinson, Western Michigan
1984-85  Ron Mason, Michigan State
1983-84  Bill Wilkinson, Western Michigan
1982-83  Jerry Welsh, Ohio State
1981-82  Jerry York, Bowling Green
1980-81  Rick Comley, Northern Michigan
1979-80  Rick Comley, Northern Michigan
1978-79  Ron Mason, Bowling Green
1977-78  Ron Mason, Bowling Green
1976-77  Bill Selman, St. Louis
1975-76  Ron Mason, Bowling Green

Most Valuable Player in Tournament

Note: No award given from 1973-81.

2003  Jed Ortmeyer, F, Michigan
2002  Mike Cammalleri, F, Michigan
2001  Ryan Miller, G, Michigan State
2000  Ryan Miller, G, Michigan State
1999  Mark Kosick, F, Michigan
1998  Mike York, F, Michigan State
1997  Brendan Morrison, F, Michigan
1996  John Madden, F, Michigan
1995  Wayne Strachan, F, Lake Superior
1994  Mike Stone, F, Michigan
1993  Blaine Lacher, G, Lake Superior
1992  Darrin Madeley, G, Lake Superior
1991  Clayton Beddoes, F, Lake Superior
1990  Peter White, F, Michigan State
1989  Jason Muzzatti, G, Michigan State
1988  Paul Connell, G, Bowling Green
1987  Bobby Reynolds, F, Michigan State
1986  Bill Horn, G, Western Michigan
1985  Norm Foster, G, Michigan State
1984  Glenn Healy-*, G, Western Michigan
1983  Mike David-*, G, Bowling Green
1982  Ron Scott, G, Michigan State
1972  Bill McKenzie, G, Ohio State

*-recipient did not play on winning team.

Best Defensive Forward

2002-03  Jed Ortmeyer, Michigan
2001-02  Bobby Andrews, Alaska-Fairbanks
2000-01  John Nail, Michigan State
1999-00  Shawn Horcoff, Michigan State
1998-99  Mike York, Michigan State
1997-98  Terry Marchant, Lake Superior
1996-97  John Madden, Michigan
1995-96  Bates Battaglia, Lake Superior
1994-95  Wayne Strachan, Lake Superior
1993-94  Mike Stone, Michigan
1992-93  Chris Bergeron, Miami-Ohio
1991-92  Pat Ferschweiler, Western Michigan
1990-91  Jeff Napierala, Lake Superior
1989-90  Pete Stauber, Lake Superior

Best Offensive Defenseman

2002-03  John-Michael Liles, Michigan State
2001-02  John-Michael Liles, Michigan State
2000-01  Greg Zanon, Nebraska-Omaha
1999-00  Jeff Jillson, Michigan
1998-99  Mike Jones, Bowling Green
1997-98  Dan Boyle, Miami-Ohio
1996-97  Andy Roach, Ferris State
1995-96  Keith Aldridge, Lake Superior
1994-95  Kelly Perrault, Bowling Green
1993-94  John Gruden, Ferris State
1992-93  Joe Cook, Miami-Ohio
1991-92  Mark Astley, Lake Superior
1990-91  Jason Woolley, Michigan State
1989-90  Rob Blake, Bowling Green

Best Defensive Defenseman

2002-03  Brad Fast, Michigan State
2001-02  Mike Komisarek, Michigan
2000-01  Andrew Hutchinson, Michigan State
1999-00  Mike Weaver, Michigan State
1998-99  Mike Weaver, Michigan State
1997-98  Tyler Harlton, Michigan State
1996-97  Tyler Harlton, Michigan State
1995-96  Mike Matteucci, Lake Superior
1994-95  Steve Halko, Michigan
1993-94  Brent Brekke, Western Michigan
1992-93  Bobby Marshall, Miami-Ohio
1991-92  Joby Messier, Michigan State
1990-91  Karl Johnston, Lake Superior
1989-90  Dan Keczmer, Lake Superior

Terry Flanagan Memorial Award

2002-03  Brian Maloney, F, Michigan State
2001-02  Scott Titus, D, Ohio State
2000-01  Doug Schueller, D, Bowling Green
1999-00  Sean Peach, D, Michigan
1998-99  Ernie Hartlieb, F, Miami-Ohio
1997-98  Bryan Adams, F, Michigan State
1996-97  Steve Noble, F, Notre Dame
1995-96  Jon Gaskins, D, Michigan State
1994-95  Charles Thuss, G, Miami-Ohio
1993-94  Craig Lisko, G, Ferris State
1992-93  Wes McCauley, D, Michigan State

Ilitch Humanitarian Award

2002-03  Mike Betz, G, Ohio State
2001-02  Kevin O'Malley, G, Michigan
2000-01  Jason Cupp, F, Nebraska-Omaha



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