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2012-13 Air Force Roster -

No. Name Pos. Ht.   Wt. DOB   Hometown Last Team NHL Draft
placeholderArtman, Eric D5-10  175  4/20/89  East Lansing, Mich.  Topeka (NAHL) 
placeholder35 Bosner, David G6-1  190  3/14/89  Chesterfield, Mo.  Bismarck (NAHL) 
placeholder19 Carew, Stephen (C)F/D5-9  175  12/16/88  Eden Prairie, Minn.  Owatonna (NAHL) 
placeholderDe Laurell, Kyle F6-1  200  12/16/88  Mission Viejo, Calif.  Wichita Falls (NAHL) 
placeholder27 Kruse, John (C)F6-1  190  5/7/89  Eden Prairie, Minn.  Owatonna (NAHL) 
placeholder24 Walsh, Mike D5-10  193  2/2/89  Vernon Hills, Ill.  Chicago (USHL) 
placeholder16 Fabian, Jason F6-3  195  7/24/89  Roseau, Minn.  Bismarck (NAHL) 
placeholderKleisinger, Casey F5-10  170  6/24/89  Edwards, Colo.  Bismarck (NAHL) 
placeholderMcKenzie, Adam D5-11  178  5/25/90  Petaluma, Calif.  Wenatchee (NAHL) 
placeholder18 Michalke, George F5-11  165  1/23/90  Parma, Ohio  Fairbanks (NAHL) 
placeholderMusselman, Jacob D5-8  180  2/10/89  Littleton, Colo.  Kenai River (NAHL) 
placeholder20 Thomas, Tony F6-3  195  11/16/90  South Lyon, Mich.  Topeka (NAHL) 
placeholder13 Timar, Ryan F5-10  185  11/17/89  Novi, Mich.  Wenatchee (NAHL) 
placeholder29 Torf, Jason G5-11  180  4/26/91  Hermosa Beach, Calif.  Motor City (NAHL) 
placeholder25 Torrel, Mitch F6-1  187  8/3/90  Monticello, Minn.  Wenatchee (NAHL) 
placeholder17 Demers, Chad F5-11  182  11/15/90  Grafton, N.D.  Fargo (USHL) 
placeholder22 Gunner, Cole F5-9  170  10/11/90  Richfield, Minn.  Tri-City (USHL) 
placeholderHalloran, Alex D5-10  175  9/10/90  Salt Lake City, Utah  Cowichan Valley (BCHL) 
placeholder15 Holm, Scott F6-2  180  10/15/91  Plymouth, Minn.  Surrey (BCHL) 
placeholder55 McDonald, Mike D6-5  205  2/16/91  Mahtomedi, Minn.  Coulee Region (NAHL) 
placeholder39 Moberg, Paul G6-1  185  3/24/91  Forest Lake, Minn.  Coulee Region (NAHL) 
placeholder12 Persian, Ben F6-2  175  1/4/91  Orono, Minn.  Owatonna (NAHL) 
placeholder11 Weissenhofer, Dan D6-2  195  8/20/91  Naperville, Ill.  Fargo (USHL) 
Ben Carey headshot26 Carey, Ben F5-11  165  12/30/92  Centennial, Colo.  Wenatchee (NAHL) 
placeholder33 Dylewski, Chris G5-11  165  3/18/92  Colorado Springs, Colo.  Tampa Bay (EJHL-S) 
placeholder44 Edson, Max C5-9  170  2/3/92  Hermosa Beach, Calif.  Waterloo (USHL) 
Max Hartner headshotHartner, Max D6-1  197  9/30/91  Greenwood Village, Colo.  Green Bay (USHL) 
placeholder10 Ramsey, Jesse D5-11  175  6/3/91  Rogers, Minn.  Kenai River (NAHL) 
placeholder77 Waldoch, Trevor D6-2  175  1/29/92  Forest Lake, Minn.  Austin (NAHL) 


Name Pos. Ht.   Wt. DOB Hometown Last Team LOI NHL Draft

LOI - Player has signed an official NCAA Letter of Intent. (Ivy League schools do not use Letters of Intent.)


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