Tale of the Tape

Ohio State vs. Michigan State / February 17, 2017


Ohio State

Michigan State

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Record 17-9-6 6-21-3
Head-to-Head 2-0-0 0-2-0
Goals 127 / 3.97 72 / 2.40
Goals Against 95 / 2.97 114 / 3.80
Power Play29.5%14.4%
Penalty Kill73.9%74.6%
Avg. Height / Weight5' 11.46" / 185.1 lbs.6' 0.00" / 190.5 lbs.
Avg. Age22y 0m21y 5m
CoachSteve RohlikTom Anastos
Latest Results2/25 vs. Michigan ... 0-1 L
2/24 vs. Michigan ... 4-2 W
2/18 at Michigan State ... 4-3 W
2/17 at Michigan State ... 3-2 W
2/25 vs. Penn State ... 1-4 L
2/24 vs. Penn State ... 2-4 L
2/18 vs. Ohio State ... 3-4 L
2/17 vs. Ohio State ... 2-3 L
Team Scoring Leaders
M. Jobst14-28-42
N. Schilkey24-12-36
D. Gust13-19-32
T. Laczynski9-21-30
M. Weis9-19-28
M. Appleton11-14-25
T. Hirose6-16-22
T. Ebbing2-13-15
P. Khodorenko6-8-14
J. Cox6-8-14
Team Goaltenders
L. Davis0-0-0 0.00
M. Tomkins8-2-3 2.73
C. Frey9-7-3 2.92
J. Lethemon1-8-1 3.56
E. Minney5-13-2 3.60
More Info
RadioWOSU 820 AM730 AM WVFN

Head to Head

Date Visitor Home Winner
02/18/2017Ohio State4Michigan State3 Ohio State
02/17/2017Ohio State3Michigan State2 Ohio State
03/17/2016Michigan State3Ohio State4 (ot)Ohio StateBig Ten Play-In
03/12/2016Ohio State1Michigan State1 (ot)Tie
03/11/2016Ohio State6Michigan State5 (ot)Ohio State
01/30/2016Michigan State1Ohio State2 Ohio State
01/29/2016Michigan State4Ohio State2 Michigan State
01/24/2015Ohio State0Michigan State2 Michigan State
01/23/2015Ohio State1Michigan State4 Michigan State
11/21/2014Michigan State0Ohio State3 Ohio State
11/20/2014Michigan State3Ohio State1 Michigan State
03/20/2014Michigan State1Ohio State2 (ot)Ohio StateBig Ten Quarterfinal
02/08/2014Ohio State2Michigan State2 (ot)Tie
02/07/2014Ohio State2Michigan State2 (ot)Tie
01/11/2014Michigan State1Ohio State1 (ot)Tie
01/10/2014Michigan State3Ohio State5 Ohio State
12/01/2012Ohio State3Michigan State1 Ohio State
11/30/2012Ohio State1Michigan State0 Ohio State
02/04/2012Michigan State3Ohio State2 Michigan State
02/03/2012Michigan State6Ohio State3 Michigan State
10/21/2011Ohio State5Michigan State2 Ohio State
10/20/2011Ohio State0Michigan State3 Michigan State
02/05/2011Michigan State2Ohio State4 Ohio State
02/04/2011Michigan State2Ohio State0 Michigan State
11/13/2010Ohio State0Michigan State4 Michigan State
11/12/2010Ohio State4Michigan State3 (ot)Ohio State
01/23/2010Ohio State4Michigan State2 Ohio State
01/22/2010Ohio State2Michigan State5 Michigan State
02/14/2009Ohio State1Michigan State2 Michigan State
02/13/2009Ohio State1Michigan State1 (ot)Tie
11/08/2008Michigan State1Ohio State3 Ohio State
11/07/2008Michigan State0Ohio State3 Ohio State
01/19/2008Michigan State4Ohio State0 Michigan State
01/18/2008Michigan State4Ohio State1 Michigan State
12/02/2006Ohio State4Michigan State1 Ohio State
12/01/2006Ohio State1Michigan State4 Michigan State
02/09/2006Michigan State4Ohio State3 Michigan State
11/15/2005Michigan State2Ohio State3 Ohio State
03/18/2005Michigan State1Ohio State4 Ohio State
02/19/2005Ohio State5Michigan State1 Ohio State
02/18/2005Ohio State3Michigan State6 Michigan State
01/24/2004Michigan State3Ohio State0 Michigan State
01/23/2004Michigan State4Ohio State2 Michigan State
10/18/2003Ohio State4Michigan State1 Ohio State
10/17/2003Ohio State5Michigan State0 Ohio State
11/16/2002Michigan State1Ohio State4 Ohio State
11/15/2002Michigan State2Ohio State5 Ohio State

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