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You are not a CHN Member, or are not logged in. You can still register your Twitter username, so you can be a Tweetcaster, but it will make management more difficult. If you want to be come a CHN Member, sign up.

The settings on this page instructs College Hockey News which twitter account you are using, and which College Hockey team you will be providing game updates for.

Other users can follow your updates, and those of other Twitter users who are updating for the same team, through CHN.

Now, you can get interactive, up-to-the-minute in-game updates, right through CHN, through this unique connection to the College Hockey community.

TweetCast Profile

To update your Tweetcast settings, we need to know what Twitter username you used previously for Tweetcast.

Your Twitter Name

Or, create a new profile. This tells CHN your Twitter username, and which teams you will update in-progress games for.

Your Twitter Name
Tweetcast Team

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