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Ask Frank

by Franklin Foreham/Guest Contributor

Every other week, advice columnist and town gossip Franklin Foreham answers your questions.

Dear Frank,

I recently "retired" after 18 years of service and I'm worried that my legacy will quickly be erased thanks to my successor. Will I be forgotten now that I'm no longer in the catbird seat?

C.D., St. Cloud, Minn.

Great legacies are never forgotten. But if your legacy is one pretty good year and 17 years of disappointment, yes, you'd probably be forgotten pretty quickly. Add points, however, if you were among the first people to work at your company.

Dear Frank,

I'm all for being a team player, but my best friend has been receiving the majority of the credit for our work, while I provide just as much to our team. What can I do to receive the recognition that I deserve?

B.S., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Patience is a virtue. Your friend may have received all the credit in the past, but I've got a good feeling about your future. In the mean time, an occasional "accidental" elbow to his ribs couldn't hurt.

Dear Frank,

What the heck just happened?

J.M., Columbus, Ohio

We assume you're alluding to the freight train accident some of you in Columbus ran into last weekend. Columbus is still a football town first and foremost. Unlike football, around here, you can't just run up to some weak directional school, and take the easy path. Every weekend is a struggle.

Dear Frank,

I love my kids, but they keep leaving me. What can I do?

R.B., Ann Arbor, Michigan

I know a guy in your town — a basketball coach I believe — who tried to pay his players to stay there. I wouldn't recommend that. It's not the sign of a healthy relationship. Instead, you need to accept the fact that life is about change, and if we love our kids, we must set them free.

Dear Frank,

I know I'm a good guy, but I'm just so intense, sometimes I lose my temper a little bit. What can I do to prevent situations that get me into trouble?

M.S., New York

Sometimes the things that are our assets can also be our demons. Perhaps a little prozac couldn't hurt, but you wouldn't want to lose your focus. If you can deal with the occasional reprimand or broken bone, don't change a thing. Your friends will still love you.

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