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Ask Frank: Nov. 18, 2005

by Franklin Foreham/Guest Contributor

Every other week, advice columnist and town gossip Franklin Foreham answers your questions.

Dear Frank,

I've proven myself against the best in my field on multiple occasions recently, but I'm still barely recognized by the powers that be. What can I do to get the recognition that I deserve?

T.M., Fairbanks, Alaska

Well T.M., it's awfully tough to get recognition in such a God-forsaken locale. You've really got to assert yourself on the mainland, especially in the spring, when people are really paying attention, to have people take you seriously.

Dear Frank,

I recently had a relationship end late this summer. Though my partner and I had grown together, I was dumped for a more attractive offer. We had such high hopes for the upcoming years, but now they've all seemed to vanish. I've had to move on and try and find someone, well, two someones to fill the void caused by my loss and neither seems to be as good as what I had. What can I do?

M.K., Omaha, Nebraska

Break-ups are always hard. But they're a fact of life that everyone has to deal with, and most people will tell you it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. You should be thankful for the time you had with your former partner, and be patient with your two new prospects. One of them will emerge as the one you should pick. And if not, there's always plenty of other fish in the sea.

Dear Frank,

There's a group of people in the town I live in that are out to get to me. How can I get back at them?

D.L., Minneapolis

Well the simple answer is to stop giving them material to work with. You can try shutting them out of your life, but that will just make them work harder to tear you down. The old adage of killing them with kindness is probably apt here.

Dear Frank,

I recently got into a little bit of trouble and I'm not sure what I should do. I'm a young kid and I don't want things to affect my future. Am I going to be ok?

P.K., Minneapolis

Boy, the mail has really been pouring in from Minneapolis lately. Anyway, a good distraction come overcome just about any problem. Doing something spectacular will make people forgot all about whatever it is you did.

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