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FSU Adjusts to Bomersback Loss

by Adam Wodon/Managing Editor

The loss of senior captain Mark Bomersback for up to 2 1/2 months with a broken leg, has put a crimp in Ferris State's plans for this season. But Ferris State coach Bob Daniels is reminding everyone it could've been worse.


"I talked to him immediately after and he was really upset," Daniels said. "He wants to play. I saw him (Tuesday), we see him every day. We make him come to practice. We don't want him off feeling sorry for himself. He's getting better each day coming to terms with it. We tell the kids, it could be a lot worse."

Trying to soothe Bomersback with that mantra is another story, though it's something he assuredly feels.

Two years ago, Bomersback's mother died of cancer. It puts things in perspective. He will miss precious time on the ice, during his senior year, with his friends and teammates — and it might set the team back — but he will return, and he will play on.

"It's tougher on him, to go through the summer training, you look forward to your senior year. To have that happen in the first game ..."

The collision came with Union's Josh Coyle, near center ice. Bomersback actually took a two-minute minor on the play, for tripping. When it happened, the players' legs locked, and Daniels knew it was serious.

"It was a violent collision," Daniels said. "Mark leaned out with his leg. It was a reaction play. If he had it to do over again, obviously he wouldn't have done that."

"I didn't know which player wouldn't get up. I knew one of them wouldn't get up."

The Bulldogs will be looking for other players to rally, and maybe it will be better for them in the long run. At least, that's a way of looking on the bright side.

"I don't think (the season) will (go out the window)," said Daniels. "I felt the biggest challenge was scoring goals. So now it will be moreso. But we still like our team and still think it can be a good season. But the hill got that much higher for us.

"It happens to everybody at some point or another. We took a lick this year early. It's tough for the kids more than anyone. We'll miss Mark having him on the ice. He gives us an awful lot on the power play, and we'll also miss his leadership. He's more than just a good hockey player, he's a great leader."

Other problems remain for the Bulldogs, such as the overall discipline. Union won 6-5 on Saturday, thanks largely to three goals during a five-minute major in the second period, in a span of less than two minutes. Two of those goals came on 5-on-3s.

"I am concerned; I'll address it this week," Daniels said. "It wasn't a case where I thought it was a poor penalty (the hit from behind). When they call it so close, and rightfully so, it was a hit from behind. But it wasn't very violent. But they're going to call it close, and they've been told to. It wasn't a case after the game where I said it was a dumb penalty. There were (other) cheap penalties."

The weekend did allow Daniels to settle his goalie situation, at least for now. Mitch O'Keefe was the favorite coming off last season, but junior Derek MacIntyre, a former eight-round pick of the San Jose Sharks, was given the chance to compete. After this weekend, it looks like it's the sophomore O'Keefe's job.

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