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The CHN Trivia Quiz

by Tom Douglis/CHN Senior Writer

So you think you know your college hockey trivia, eh?

Maybe you've impressed a few people at the game, in a bar or maybe even on the Internet, and the fact you are even reading this web site probably already puts you in the top 10 percent of college hockey fans in terms of knowledge. Congratulations. Now it's time to prove yourself and see how you rate.

If you do harbor ambitions of greatness as a true fan of our sport, you need to know more than just your own team or league. The ability to wallow in the truly arcane and later regurgitate the history and legends of NCAA hockey is what helps make a true fan of the game.

This 30-question quiz should give you an idea of where you stack up. We'll tell you right now — most of the questions here are pretty tough, as they should be. You might think a few of them are dead easy if they are about the program you follow, but rest assured, you will be challenged along the way.

You get one point for answering any of the 10 moderately difficult "First Period" questions, two points for the 10 more difficult "Second Period" questions and three points for each of the 10 "Third Period" correct answers — these are very difficult questions.

See the end for the answers, total up your score and see how you rate. Good luck!

Okay, here we go ... (and no cheating!)

First Period (moderate difficulty)

One point for each correct answer

1) Which of these universities has never had a NCAA D-I hockey program?

a) Syracuse University
b) The University of Pennsylvania
c) Northern Arizona University

2) What former UNH player played a major role in the 1977 classic hockey movie 'Slapshot'

a) Peter Douris
b) Rod Langway
c) Michael Ontkean

3) What RPI legendary player went on to the NHL and is now a private pilot?

a) Joe Juneau
b) Adam Oates
c) Daren Puppa

4) Where did famous TV Producer David E. Kelley play college hockey?

a) Princeton
b) Boston University
c) Colgate

5) What college hockey player was Ryan O'Neal's "hockey double" in the movie "Love Story"?

a) Bill Cleary
b) Bill Beaney
c) Joe Bertagna

6) What Denver star later became the only player to die as a result of an injury suffered in an NHL game?

a) Keith Magnuson
b) Bill Masterton
c) Cliff Korroll

7) What Boston University goalie began his hockey career at Massasoit Community College?

a) Cleon Daskalakis
b) Rick DiPietro
c) Jim Craig

8) What university produced NHL management veterans Mike Keenan, Bill Torrey and Jacques Martin?

a) St. Lawrence University
b) Minnesota State University, Mankato
c) Colgate University

9) What Clarkson star hailed from Levack, Ontario?

a) Dave Taylor
b) Dave Tretowicz
c) Craig Conroy

10) What family dominates the Michigan State hockey record book?

a) The Roberts family
b) The Miller family
c) The Simpson family

Second Period (more difficult)

Two points for each correct answer

11) Who was the first Minnesota-Duluth player to play a full season in the NHL?

a) Curt Giles
b) Brett Hull
c) Pat Boutette

12) Craik, Saskatchewan is the hometown of what North Dakota legend?

a) Cliff 'Fido' Purpur
b) Jim Archibald
c) Tony Hrkac

13) What Yale player later became U.S. Secretary of State?

a) Strobe Talbott
b) Jim Baker
c) Cyrus Vance

14) What are Michigan Tech fans famous for doing between the second and third period of home hockey games?

a) Locking arms, and swaying along to the "Copper Country Anthem"
b) Singing along to the band's rendition of "Tequila"
c) Dancing to the hip hop song, "Jump Around"

15) At what arena do fans get free gasoline if the team scores on the "Speedway Power Play"

a) The Bowling Green State University Ice Arena
b) Miami of Ohio's Steve Cady Arena
c) Ohio State University's Value City Arena

16) Who was the captain of Cornell's undefeated 1969-70 team and what else did he become semi-famous for after his playing days were over?

a) Laing Kennedy, who later became athletic director at Cornell
b) Ken Dryden, who later became an author and politician
c) John Hughes, who later become father of 2002 Olympic figure skating gold medalist Sarah Hughes

17) The former Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs was the first to host the NCAA Hockey Tournament. What was the original purpose of the arena before it had an ice surface?

a) It was a surplus Naval Drill Hall from World War II
b) It was originally a horseback riding arena
c) It was a dance hall for the Broadmoor Hotel

18) What Hockey Hall of Famer once played for St. Cloud State?

a) Frank "Mr. Zero" Brimsek
b) Frank "Moose" Goheen
c) Walter "Babe" Pratt

19) Before Meehan Auditorium was built in 1962, what indoor arena did Brown hockey call home?

a) Thayer Rink
b) Providence Civic Center
c) Rhode Island Auditorium

20) Vic Heyliger won 7 NCAA titles as head coach at Michigan. What other NCAA hockey program did he come out of retirement to start?

a) Union College
b) Lake Superior State University
c) The US Air Force Academy

Third Period (most difficult)

Three points for each correct answer

21) What University of Wisconsin player was the first Latvian to play US college hockey?

a) Ulvis Katlaps
b) Sandis Ozolinsh
c) Arturs Irbe

22) What former Harvard hockey player later became Governor of Massachusetts and a U.S. Senator?

a) John P. Chase
b) Leverett Saltonstall
c) Joe Cavanagh

23) What University of Minnesota Olympian's mother was a figure-skating instructor?

a) Dave Snuggerud
b) Corey Millen
c) Jordan Leopold

24) Walter Bush is Chairman of USA Hockey. Where did he play his college pucks?

a) Dartmouth
b) University of Maine
c) Clarkson

25) What was the name of the player who scored the first goal in college hockey history in the 1898 game between Harvard and Brown?

a) Horace Day (Brown)
b) Charles Cooke (Brown)
c) George Matteson (Harvard)

26) What Boston College goalie once recorded an 82-save performance in a single game, including 19 saves in overtime?

a) Scott Clemmensen
b) Greg Taylor
c) Tim Ready

27) What Michigan goalie lost much of his ear after a shot hit him during a Michigan vs. Detroit Red Wings exhibition game?

a) Steve Shields
b) Marty Turco
c) Lorne Howes

28) What former Northern Michigan player played for the French Olympic team in the 1994 Olympics?

a) Don Waddell
b) Eric Lemarque
c) Dallas Drake

29) Who was the first Ferris State player ever to play for a US team in international competition?

a) John Gruden
b) Rod Taylor
c) John de Pourq

30) What former Western Michigan goalie was in the nets for Wayne Gretzky's 700th NHL goal?

a) Bill Horn
b) Glen Hanlon
c) Glenn Healy


First Period - One point for each correct answer

1) a. Syracuse has never sponsored NCAA D-I ice hockey. The University of Pennsylvania had a D-I program in the 1970s and the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks had a D-I program in 1980s.

2) c. Michael Ontkean played hockey at UNH before becoming ‘Princeton man Ned Braden" in ‘Slapshot'. Langway and Douris were UNH players, but aren't movie stars.

3) a. RPI aeronautical engineering major and former NHL star Joe Juneau is the private pilot. From Quebec, Juneau graduated from RPI early and with honors, despite coming to RPI with very limited English language skills. RPI alums Adam Oates and Daren Puppa may not be quite as smart as Juneau, but they did make millions playing hockey for a living.

4) a. David E. Kelley played hockey at Princeton before becoming a famous TV writer producer, and husband to actress Michelle Pfeiffer. His father Jack Kelley was the head hockey coach at BU before current BU legend Jack Parker took over the program in the 1970s.

5) a. Bill Cleary, former Harvard and US Olympic star, was then freshman coach at Harvard and was Ryan O'Neal's skating double in "Love Story". Then-Harvard goalie Joe Bertagna also participated in the filming, but wasn't O'Neal's skating double.

6) b. Bill Masterton led the Denver Pioneers to NCAA titles in 1960 and 1961, As a member of the NHL's Minnesota North Stars, Masterton hit the back of his head on the ice in a January 1968 NHL game and never regained consciousness. He died in the hospital two days after the head injury. Keith Magnuson also died young tragically, but not as a result of a hockey injury. Magnuson died in a December, 2003 auto accident.

7) c. Jim Craig spent his freshman year at Massasoit C.C. before transferring to Boston University. He would become arguably the most famous American goalie of all-time for his gold medal play in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.

8) a. St. Lawrence University graduates Mike Keenan '72 and Jacques Martin '75 were hockey teammates at SLU, while Bill Torrey graduated from SLU in 1957.

9) a. Clarkson legend Dave Taylor is from Levack, Ontario, a small town near Sudbury, Ontario. Fellow Clarkson legends Tretowicz and Conroy are both Americans from New York State.

10) b. An amazing 10 members of the Miller family have skated for the Michigan State Spartans over the last 50 years, racking up many school records and two Hobey Baker awards (Kip Miller in 1990 and Ryan Miller in 2001).

Second Period - Two points for each correct answer

11) c. Former UMD Bulldog Pat Boutette played the whole 1975-76 NHL season with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Curt Giles broke into the NHL in 1979, and Brett Hull's NHL career didn't begin until 1986.

12) b. UND legendary fan favorite Jim Archibald hails from Craik, Saskatchewan. Fido Purpur was a North Dakota native son, while Tony Hrkac called Thunder Bay, Ontario, home.

13) c. Cyrus Vance played hockey at Yale in the late 1930s and was later U.S. Secretary of State from 1977 to 1980 under President Carter. Jim Baker was Secretary of State under President Reagan, but went to Princeton and was not a hockey player. Talbott was never Secretary of State but was in fact Deputy Secretary of State under President Clinton. A Yalie, Talbott did not play hockey, either.

14) a. The playing of the Copper Country Anthem at Michigan Tech games dates back to 1948. The tune is also known outside the hockey world as the "Blue Skirt Waltz". Wisconsin students enjoy the UW hockey Band's rendition of "Tequila" while "Jump Around" has long been a staple at Badger football games.

15) c. The 'Speedway Power Play' is a promotion at Ohio State University hockey games. I told you these were more difficult.

16) c. John Hughes was the captain of the undefeated 1969-70 Cornellians, and Sarah and her sister, Emily, are Hughes' Olympic figure skating children.

17) b. The Broadmoor Ice Palace in Colorado Springs (later re-named the Broadmoor World Arena) was originally constructed in the late 1930s as a horse riding and indoor polo facility for Broadmoor owner Spencer Penrose. The Broadmoor added an ice surface in the 1940s and it become the host of the first 10 NCAA Hockey tournaments from 1948 to 1957, was Colorado College's home arena and also a major figure skating center. The arena was torn down in 1994 to make way for further expansion of the hotel. The WWII Naval Drill Hall was actually the origin of Denver's old arena, where the Pioneers played from 1949-1997. It was never billed as a dance hall.

18) a. Frank Brimsek "Mr. Zero" played goal for St. Cloud in 1933-34 when it was a teacher's college. He later went on to a Hall of Fame goaltending career with the Boston Bruins and Chicago Black Hawks. Goheen and Pratt were also Hall of Fame hockey players, but did not play college hockey.

19) c. The 5,300 seat Rhode Island Auditorium was built in 1925-26 and torn down in the early 1970s after the Providence Civic Center was built. Brown's hockey team played there between 1926 and 1961-62, when Meehan Auditorium opened on the Brown campus.

20) c. The US Air Force Academy. The late coaching legend Vic Heyliger retired from Michigan in 1957, and came out of retirement to start the Air Force program in 1968. He stayed on at Air Force for six years, retiring for good in 1974. Heyliger died on October 4th, 2006.

Third Period — Three points for each correct answer

21) a. Ulvis Katlaps played defense for two seasons at the University of Wisconsin from 1992-1994 after a six year career with Dynamo Riga of Latvia (then part of the Soviet Union). Katlaps was 24 when he joined the Badgers in 1992. Ozolinsh and Irbe were teammates of Katlaps at Dynamo Riga, but both went on the NHL and did not play college hockey.

22) b. Leverett Saltonstall scored a dramatic overtime goal in 1914 for Harvard to beat the legendary Hobey Baker's Princeton team. "Salty" also rowed and played football at Harvard, and went on the become Governor of Massachusetts from 1939-1945 and a US Senator from 1945-1967. Chase and Cavanagh were also legendary Harvard hockey players, but did not go into politics.

23) a. Dave Snuggerud, a former Gopher all-Star, 1988 U.S Olympian and NHLer, has always credited his mother's figure skating teaching background as a help to his hockey career. To our knowledge, neither Millen nor Leopold's mothers were figure skating instructors.

24) a. USA Hockley Chairman Walter Bush, Jr. played both football and hockey at Dartmouth College before launching a Hall of Fame career as a builder of ice hockey in the United States.

25) a. Horace Day. According to Brown's Encyclopedia Brunoniana: "On January 19, 1898, on Franklin Field in Boston, the first game of intercollegiate ice hockey in the United States was played by Harvard and Brown. Members of the Brown team were Jesse Pevear 1899, Irving Hunt 1899, Charles Cooke 1899, Horace Day '01, Harris Bucklin '00, Robert Steere '01, and Albert Barrows 1898. They brought no substitutes with them. On the Harvard side was George Matteson '96, who was then a student at Harvard Medical School. Brown won 6-0, and Horace Day was the first to score a goal in United States intercollegiate hockey."

26) c. BC goalie Tim Ready lived up to his last name and stopped 82 of 83 Princeton shots in a 1-1 tie on Feb. 11, 1936, including the 19 in overtime. Legend has it he slept pretty well that night. Greg Taylor and Scott Clemmensen rank 1-2 on the BC career saves list with 3,605 and 3,234 respectively, but never saw 83 shots in a single game.

27) c. Michigan goalie Lorne Howes, in the days before goalie masks, lost a sizeable chunk of his ear on a Ted Lindsay shot in an early 1950s University of Michigan vs. Detroit Red Wings exhibition game. An observer said that Howes actually picked up his ear from the ice, skated over to the bench and had the ear sewn back on later. Turco and Shields were also Michigan goalies, but had the benefit of facemasks and never lost an ear to a shot.

28) b. Former NMU winger Eric Lemarque, who grew up in California, has a French father, which enabled him to play for France in the 1994 Olympics. In 2004, Lemarque lost both his feet and lower legs after surviving for seven subfreezing days and nights in the Sierra Mountains after being stranded after he went out of bounds on his snowboard. Drake and Waddell were also both NMU players, but did not play for France.

29) b. Rod Taylor. The "Rocket" played for the 1990 US Select team vs. the Soviet Union in an Orlando, Fla. exhibition series, the first Ferris State Bulldog to don a team USA jersey in a game. He would later become a prolific scorer in the ECHL for many years.

30) c. On January 3, 1991, former WMU Bronco Glenn Healy was the opposing goaltender when Wayne Gretzky recorded his 700th regular-season National Hockey League goal against the Healy's New York Islanders. Glen Hanlon was an NHL goalie who did not play college hockey, while Horn was a WMU goalie who did not make it to the NHL.

Okay, you finished! Now total your scores.


45-60 Points: You are an all-American trivia legend! You should be writing articles for College Hockey News. Seriously — you rule.

30-44 Points: A trivia first liner. You are a true hard core fan that can dominate most college hockey conversations. Congrats — your friends probably hate you.

20-29 Points: You're a second liner who knows his or her stuff — impressive.

10-19 Points: Third line grinder who can hold his own in the trivia arena as long as you aren't playing against trivia masters.

Below 10 Points: Thanks for playing ...

Note: CHN Managing Editor Adam Wodon scored a 41. It's not true his friends hate him, but only because he doesn't have any friends.

Tom Douglis is a contributing writer for College Hockey News. The former editor of College Hockey Magazine and former public relations coordinator for USA Hockey, he has also freelanced for UPI, ESPN, WFXT-TV, US College Hockey Online, The Sporting News, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, The St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press, the Milwaukee Journal, Hockey Canada and the Rocky Mountain News.

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