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Love Story: WCHA Style

by Damien Goddard/Columnist

This is the first installment of 'The Penalty Box' from our resident part-time humorist Damien Goddard. It's a home for stories whose subjects deserve their own special place ... in the CHN Sin Bin.

Say hello to MeanEgirl, her friends, and their togas.

Say hello to MeanEgirl, her friends, and their togas.

Where to begin ... Where to begin ...

Michigan Tech has a huge hockey fan nicknamed MeanEgirl. She also happens to write Michigan Tech's hockey blog as well as play in Tech's Pep Band.

During the first St. Cloud series last year, MEg was taunting SCSU defenseman Casey Borer (#6). Eventually Casey winked at her. MEg decided to take this as a sign Borer had a crush on her, made all manner of signs advertising this, posted on his Facebook wall, etc. When Borer took a penalty that game, MEg went over to the box and started hitting on him.

She eventually got to meet Borer and his girlfriend in St. Cloud. It was hilarity.

Luckily this was all caught on film and the video(11 MB) qualifies as an "ESPN Instant Classic." Download it, and if you're lucky enough to watch it, you'll laugh out loud.

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