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A Good Scandal Wasted

by Damien Goddard/Columnist

Most hard core hockey fans know that several Yale hockey players got into a scrap with three football players in early October and ended up being charged with "breach of the peace" and a couple of other dubious charges. and the Associated Press picked up the story and it was off to the races.

Freeze! You're not under arrest

Freeze! You're not under arrest

Students at Yale claimed from the get go that the story was bogus, the New Haven Police Departmnet overreacted and it was much ado about nothing. A Yale football player may or may not have broken his nose during the altercation.

Now the Yale Daily News is reporting that the charges have been dropped after a mediation between the football and hockey players took place with one of the policemen at the courthouse. Somehow the $3,500 worth of damage to the store has been swept under the rug.

"According to Connecticut statute, the students will be able to swear under oath that they have not been arrested because the charges were dropped. In addition to the arrests being removed from their records, Yale QB Matt Polhemus said, those involved were not fined and did not need to pay Gourmet Heaven for the property damage caused by the fight."

So where does this leave us, the American College Hockey Public? Just when we think we've got a juicy Good Old Fashioned Ivy League Intra Team Gang Fight, probably over a "Yalie Hottie" (if there even is such an animal). These smart Alecks have manipulated the system and now we can't even make them swear that they've ever been arrested. I haven't felt this empty since DU blew a 7-1 lead to Mankato in 2003.

I'm all for "Due Process," (actually I'm not, but you have to at least pretend you are or you'll never get to write for an Eastern Establishment College Hockey Web site). I suppose it's good thing that Connecticut has a statute that protects the innocent from overeager cops in college towns, who have nothing better to do than arrest everyone standing around watching a fight.

But I want my pound of flesh, dang it. We deserved an "Ivy League Hockey Scandal" and now its been stolen from us with a lot of double talk.

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