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by Damien Goddard/Columnist

It's Classified

This classified ad was spotted in this week's edition of College Hockey Coaches Weekly.

Wanted: Cupcakes that will rollover in Badger Hockey Showdown in 2007, 2008 or 2009. No team has lost its own tournament more often than the University of Wisconsin (1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004 & 2006). Note: Past winners Clarkson, Ferris State (twice) and Bowling Green need not apply.

We're Division I You Idiots

It's always fun to hear stories of fans and players interacting during the game and this story is pretty cute. DU was playing Mercyhurst in the first round of the Denver Cup. There must have been 100 inches of snow piled up outside during the blizzard that hit the Rockies, so things were quieter than usual in Magness Arena. It led to this exchange ...

"Was hearing some DU students asking the Mercyhurst players when they play Middlebury and Amherst next. The Mercyhurst players knew exactly what they were getting at and did not seem too happy.

The players then asked how much they paid for their tickets (this was pretty funny, the seats they were in probably cost $30 a.k.a ripoff!). The students said they told some security guards they were with the Mercyhurst Boosters and were let in underneath the Arena."

We Wuz Robbed

The USA lost to Canada in the Semifinals of the World Junior Champioships in a shootout. Now ESPN is reporting that the refs didn't use the correct procedure in the shootout. Turns out that Canada should have gone first three times and then it was to be the USA's turn to shoot first. In the end, Canada went first on all seven shots and prevailed when the U.S. missed on the last shot.

I actually think the shooting order mistake was a major error. With Canada shooting second there is far more pressure on the shooter had the U.S. scored. Plus Frazee could gamble more with a lead.

HUGE mistake and inexcusable by the refs. Nonetheless it's something the U.S. coaches should have picked up on implies that the U.S. was ill prepared for the shootout.

Ever tried to make a free throw when your team is down by one point vs. if the game was tied?

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