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What's a Wiki?

by Tom Reale/CHN Correspondent

Perhaps you've seen the link looking at you at the top of the CHN homepage. Wiki.

Wiki? What's wiki?

If you've Googled something recently, odds are you've run across a wiki before. A wiki — pronounced either WICK-ee or WEE-kee, depending on your preference — is a type of Web site that allows those who visit to add, remove or otherwise edit content, with or without registration. In other words, it allows for collaborative authorship of a website, drawing on the knowledge and resources of anyone who is interested in participating.

It is like an organic aggregation of collective knowledge, and the scope and openness of it is what keeps it self-policing.

The word "wiki" is Hawaiian for "fast." The wiki process allows anyone to quickly build a Web page or add to a Web page, because learning the markup language is relatively simple. And basic editing requires essentially zero knowledge of the markup.

So what is College Hockey Wiki (CHW) all about, then?

CHW is modeled after what is easily the most recognized wiki on the Internet: Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an attempt to create, as founder Jimmy Wales called it, "a multi-lingual free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language," which would be, due to the wiki nature where anyone can add information, "the sum of all human knowledge."

We're a little less ambitious here at College Hockey News. We aren't seeking to create "the sum of all human knowledge," merely the sum of college hockey knowledge. In essence, we hope to make CHW an all-inclusive encyclopedia on everything and anything relating to college hockey.

Know something interesting about your favorite team? Create or edit the article on the team. Does your school have a pep band? Create an article on them. Are (or were) you part of a notably wild and crazy student section at your arena? Write about your group, or edit an article on the arena! Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to contributing to CHW. If it has to do with college hockey, we want people to know about it.

We've had some good contributions already, and there are already a few articles which could be classified as solid — no article is truly ever "finished." Check out the article on Atlantic Hockey or the article on RPI for a good look at what some of our more high quality articles are like.

Give it a try ... the sky's the limit! Find a page, click "edit," and then check out the Wiki language compared to the page's layout. You'll learn how to edit in a snap!

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