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Pairwise and KRACH

CHN Staff Report

The chart of Pairwise Comparison wins — which is the objective-based system used by the NCAA to determine the at-large bids for the NCAA tournament — is published for this season by College Hockey News ... including the updates for changes made by the Division I men's ice hockey committee last summer.

The aforementioned changes include:

* "Teams Under Consideration" are now only teams in the Top 25 of RPI. And the TUC criteria of the comparison against another team is only counted if each team has played 10 games against TUCs.

* The RPI weighting was changed to 25-21-54

* "Bonus points" to the RPI are only awarded now for road games.

And once again, CHN continues to endorse "KRACH" as an alternative methodology to the NCAA's Ratings Percentage Index (RPI).

We have a detailed explanation of KRACH and why we think it's better, see here:

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