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Northeast Regional Notebook

CHN Staff Report

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Comments from the NCAA Northeast Regional, one day before the teams are set to play here.


"We're playing a No. 1 seed (New Hampshire) and they've been great all year. We need to come out and play as a team and take care of what we can control and pay attention to detail. They're a No. 1 seed for a reason. We're going to have to make sure we limit their chances." — Miami coach Enrico Blasi

"No question, when you've been here a couple times, you know the routine, you know you got to get here and there are certain guys you need to talk to (the media). The clock starts at 60:00 and you're off at zero. There is a routine that goes along with it, and it you haven't been here, it's different and it could be a distraction. Most of our team has been here before, so I think they know what to expect and hopefully that helps us tomorrow." — Miami coach Enrico Blasi

"I had a little bit of the flu earlier this week, but I feel 100 percent now. I got a lot of sleep and antibiotics earlier in the week." — Miami junior forward Nathan Davis

"We had a group of guys over at Nate's house watching the satellite and the games around the country. With the Pairwise, we had a pretty good idea of who needed to win. We were a little upset for first couple periods of the two games. All of a sudden, Clarkson turned around in the third period came back to win. The neighbors probably weren't too happy, but we were screaming and jumping around. We're obviously excited to get the opportunity to play for a national championship." — junior forward Ryan Jones

New Hampshire

"I think the exciting part for me personally is the relationship with the coaches. I think the coaches along with the student-athletes that make this profession special. You have some great people here. Joey Marsh and Jerry York are two of the finest coaches in the country and they are very, very well respected and I kind of grew up with them in the Boston area. ... I think the young coach at Miami is one of the top young coaches in the country. He's been coaching seven years and he's still a young guy who is a special talent. ... I think we have some of the classiest coaches in college hockey here." — UNH coach Dick Umile

"You know you get the butterflies before the game. It is the NCAA tournament, this is a special place. It's a difficult tournament to get to and we are fortunate. You represent the University and you are playing in the NCAA tournament it is an extra and it is special. The excitement of this tournament takes it to another level." — Umile

"As a team, we felt that maybe it wasn't our best effort (the HEA final). The effort was there, but not necessarily the execution. You never want to go out like that, but now we have a second opportunity this week to show who we really are as a team." — UNH goalie Kevin Regan

"I think for me it helped a lot with consistency. I think when you are sharing time and only playing one day a week you try to do too much or save the world. When you play two games you need to relax a little bit more and you get into more of a routine. Coming into the tournament I'm not playing 16 games — this is like my 34th, 35th game. You feel a lot more confident knowing you play a two game series." — Regan

"It is close to our campus, but at the same time we came here a day early and we are staying at the hotel. Road trips are good — sometimes they can really bring a team together, but at the same time it is nice to be close and have the comforts of home and be in similar surroundings. You kind of get the best of both worlds." — UNH forward Josh Ciocco

St. Lawrence

"People have been asking me all week 'What do you think of your draw?' It's better than the draw we've had the last five to six years; which we hadn't had one. So we are excited to be here, it's a great hockey venue and we are playing certainly one of the best teams and one of the hottest teams in the country. But that's to be expected when you get to this point." — coach Joe Marsh

"We try and put ourselves to play in a playoff frame of mind every single game we play. Before the Dartmouth game we said: 'Guys, the NCAA tournament is now, it's not next week.' A lot of it is the experience and the teams that can handle that and look at it as an opportunity rather than pressure. Everybody will tell you, you want to come to this and soak it in. You want to enjoy it. It's the big time and kids play for this. But I think a lot of it is you have to enjoy it, but you need to focus on what's important and at the same time don't lose sight of what we are trying to do." — Marsh

"They (captains Drew Bagnall and Kyle Rank) are two of the hardest workers I have ever had, two of the best captains we've ever had. They've in many instances almost willed this to happen to get to this point." — Marsh

"We definitely didn't have this spot locked up that's for sure. So every game you play we knew we had to win to move on and spend another day together. It's kind of been the mentality for probably the past five weeks since playoffs started. But nothing's come easy to this team. We've worked pretty hard to get where we are and as coach said we've surpassed a lot of people's expectations." — Rank

Boston College

"I think it certainly is a benefit if you use it (experience) properly. I think our players have had a chance to play in regionals and Frozen Fours over the years. There is a carry over to next year's team as you go to the nationals you're playing on a bigger stage. I think that helps your entire program." — coach Jerry York

"We have an opponent in St. Lawrence that scares us a lot. ... The freshman goaltender Alex (Petizian) from the Northwood school came in and beat out a captain, so you know he's had a real impact on their squad this year. The big defenseman (Drew) Bagnall really looks like a special player." — York

"I was in the dining hall and someone on the football team came up to me and said, 'We couldn't get it done and basketball couldn't get it done, so you guys are what's left. Do us proud.' We're all rooting for each other and we all see each other a lot around campus and in the athletic facilities. They're very supportive of us. They know what's going on, which is a good feeling and we know what's going on with them. They've been very supportive as a group walking in and out of Conte Forum. They congratulate us on Hockey East and wish us luck in the NCAA's." — senior defenseman Brian Boyle

"We know how hard it is to come out on top. We had some success my freshman and junior year. Sophomore year, we got ousted in the regionals against North Dakota, when we were expected to go to the Frozen Four and win it that year. You go in with high expectations every year, but anything can happen. I think playing for three years, I know that pretty well. We need to focus on the task at hand and take it one shift at a time." — Boyle

"Our conference this year has had unbelievable goaltenders. We think we have one of the best in our locker room (Cory Schneider). A lot of other teams can make that argument about their goaltenders, too. I think it can help us going into a playoff type atmosphere where we are going to run into some good goalies from other conferences, so we know that we have some experience going up against the good goalies. Scoring goals against those goaltenders helps a bit." — forward Joe Rooney

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