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WCHA Admits Error in Wisconsin Goal Dispute

by Adam Wodon/Managing Editor

The WCHA has officially admitted error by its officiating crew in disallowing a Wisconsin goal that would have tied Friday's game against Denver as time expired.

It marks the second time this year that the WCHA has apologized for an error by its officials — and both times the referee was Randy Schmidt.

(See the original story from earlier today, which includes an embedded video of the disputed play).

According to a news release, the WCHA "acknowledged an error" and said:

"The Wisconsin goal in question occurred as time expired, but according to the video replay system available to the referee, the puck was still in the crease when the clock in the available replay showed 0:00. But the game tape showed that the puck was in the net and back out of the net prior to 0:00.

"The league regrets the error, and acknowledges that the goal should have counted."

For more information, follow the blog of Wisconsin beat writer Todd Milewski, who writes for the Capital Times. He first wrote in his blog about the incident, pointing to an oddity in the clock at Magness Arena in Denver that caused confusion for Schmidt. You can clearly see on the video (follow the link above to the previous CHN story, which has the video embedded) that there is an issue with the clock.

Todd writes more about it in his later blog entry.

The real error, it seems, was in looking at the clock, and not noticing that the green light to indicate the end of the period came on after the red light that indicates a goal.

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