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Wisconsin Appeal Denied by WCHA

CHN Staff Report

Wisconsin's appeal to the WCHA was officially denied Thursday. Wisconsin filed the appear following last Friday's controversial 3-2 loss at Denver.

The school was seeking a review of the procedures used in disallowing an apparently tying goal by Wisconsin at the end of that game. After initially calling it a goal, the officials reversed the decision following a video review. It was later determined that the video review process was mishandled, and the WCHA sent out an official letter of apology stating that the goal should have stood.

At best, Wisconsin wanted to see the decision reversed and the game recorded as a tie.

"I think we have to go through the due process," Badgers coach Mike Eaves said. "We would not be diligent in not doing that.

"Can we get anything back from this? I'm doubtful in that. But at least move forward so there are mechanisms in place that should something like this happen again, on many fronts, it won't be allowed to."

According to the league:

"After a review of both the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules and Interpretations book and the WCHA Handbook, the [review committee] has confirmed Commissioner [Bruce] McLeod's interpretation/decision and affirmed that it is not the prerogative of the Association to change the outcome of a game.

"In the 2006-08 NCAA Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Rules and Interpretations book, under Rule 6/Playing Rules, HR-81, SECTION 39: Protests are not recognized or allowed.

"Further, under Rule 5/Officials and Officiating Systems, SECTION 3: The duties of the referee(s) are as follows: under a. The referee(s) decision is final; there is no appeal."

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