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Sidelined Bradford Relishes Win

by Adam Wodon/Managing Editor

DENVER — Boston College won its national championship without the help of three players it expected to have.

But while the departures from Brett Motherwell and Cory Schneider were more of their own making, Brock Bradford's was more unfortunate. The talented sophomore broke his arm early in the season, returned on fire, then broke it again.

So instead, relegated to the role of spectator, Bradford figured out a way to participate in the post-game euphoria: Fledgling sports commentator.

CHN was in need of interviews in the BC locker room, so Bradford took over, asking the questions of his teammates. Some were serious, some were not. But he was pretty good. So is this his future?

"No, I'm not a joker," Bradford said. "This is just today because I'm excited. I'm usually pretty calm. I try to come down and support the guys best I can. It's tough when you're not on the ice, but it's pretty special to be part of this team."

So Bradford will come back and play next season after all.

Bradford gets new x-rays Monday and he'll see where he stands. In the mean time, he enjoyed the celebration.

"It's always disappointing when you have to sit in the stands, but I'm so proud of the way these guys battled and played all year," Bradford said. "There were a lot of naysayers all year who said we were not very good.

"You could see this morning, there was a fire in the eyes. This is for the players in the past who couldn't do it, who paved the way for this."

Bradford's second injury was one of those cruel twists sports sometimes brings. He broke his arm early in the season, then doctors said he was healed enough to return. The second break was not in the same spot, but Bradford said the screws from the first break probably weakened the area.

Still, he holds no ill will towards the doctors, and he figured out a way to learn from the whole experience.

"The night that it happened, I was pretty devastated," Bradford said. "I had my mom out there and she was pretty excited to see me back on the ice. I would never have played if I thought I could've gotten injured (again).

"It was disappointing, but injuries are part of the game. You see guys go through it all the time. So I just have to get through it and take the positives out of it. I've learned a lot watching this team from above, and hopefully we can have another good season next year."

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