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With Summit Approaching, Recruiting Wars Get Spotlight

by Adam Wodon/Managing Editor

Bloggers Chris Dilks and Bruce Ciskie (also Minnesota-Duluth's radio broadcaster) — both of whom have contributed here in the past — have both done excellent jobs in the past couple of days summing up the attitude of Major Junior people towards the NCAA as the "World Hockey Summit" approaches.

So I won't say much more, other than to link to Ciskie's blog, which links to Dilks'.

I will add, however, that while it's true College Hockey Inc. leader Paul Kelly was not invited to the World Hockey Summit, CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos was invited, and will be there. So the NCAA will have some representation. (Wisconsin women's coach Mark Johnson is also on the panel.)

What Dilks, Ciskie and most of what I've recently written all boil down to, is fighting against the idea that Major Junior is a "faster route" to the NHL. The facts simply do not bear this out. And so we repeat ourselves over and over pointing this out.

Either system could be right for any player, depending on circumstance. But CHL has advantages, especially when it resorts to propaganda and distortion.

But I still believe the solution will have to come from the NHL, setting standards as to what is allowed and not.

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