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Atlantic Hockey Shoots Down Proposal to Up Scholarship Limit

CHN Staff Report

A proposal to increase the scholarship limit for Atlantic Hockey teams from 12 to 13, failed at the recent league meetings.

The vote was 7-5 in favor, but eight votes were needed for passage.

The NCAA's scholarship limit is 18 per team, but Atlantic Hockey has limited that to 12.

With the landscape of college hockey in complete flux, the decision could have a number of ramifications.

There is thought to be at least five teams among the 12 willing to play with 15 scholarships or more. They are widely believed to be Mercyhurst, Canisius, Robert Morris, Niagara and Air Force. RIT cannot give scholarships, directly, because it's a Division III institution and joined D-I in hockey after the grandfather clause was in effect. However, it is still believed to support being a part of the group supporting the scholarship increase.

The failure to pass the increase could hasten a split of the 12 teams into two different camps, a possibility which is only further hastened by the shifting landscape around college hockey. It's possible that some current CCHA teams could be looking for new partners or new homes, as well.

There are a variety of possible scenarios that could unfold as a result, but the status quo does not appear likely.

This article has been corrected since it was first published, changing the proposed increase to 13 as opposed to 15 that was originally reported.

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