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Mercyhurst Players Cleared of Charges

CHN Staff Report

Jordan Tibbett and Kyle Just, two Mercyhurst hockey players that have been suspended from the team since being arrested a year ago, were cleared of all charges in an Erie County court.

The pair, both now 21, were charged with sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated assault and indecent assault. They were free on unsecured bond, but have been suspended from the team and school.

Lawyers for the pair said that they want to resume studies at Mercyhurst, and get back on the hockey team.

The jury deliberated over two days.

The charges stemmed from a November 2010 incident, where Tibbett and Just were accused of inviting a 19-year old woman to their apartment, serving her alcohol, and improperly having sexual contact with her.

A jury decided that the pair did not illegally force themselves on the woman.

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