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D-III Presidents Vote Down Combined Championship

Would've Moved Title Game to D-I Frozen Four Weekend

CHN Staff Report

The NCAA Division III Presidents Council defeated a proposal that would've placed the 2014 D-III championship game on the same weekend as the Frozen Four.

The proposal, which made it through all other layers of the NCAA hierarchy, was to be a one-year "experiment" that would've placed the title game on the Friday of the Frozen Four that year in Philadelphia. The Management Council passed the measure by one vote.

The D-III Frozen Four is currently held at Lake Placid, N.Y., through 2013.

According to the NCAA News, the concerns were over how the season length would have to be extended, and that the idea wouldn't fit into the "Division III philosophy."

Earlier this year, the presidents approved holding the D-III men's basketball championship game as part of the Final Four in April 2013. That was approved because it was a one-year event — the 75th anniversary of the men's basketball championships.

The hockey idea was also proposed as a one-year experiment, but the presidents were concerned it would last longer than that.

The D-III Men's Ice Hockey Committee said it could submit a new proposal that addresses the Presidents' concerns.

“All of the Presidents Council members were concerned about how this idea meshed with our philosophy, especially given the effect on the playing and practice season, and the length of the championship itself,” Presidents Council chair Jim Schmotter of Western Connecticut State told the NCAA News. “Some also had logistical and practical concerns about conferences that already had begun scheduling contests for the 2013-14 season. Even if the Presidents Council had referred the matter back to the ice hockey committee for a revised proposal, that probably couldn’t have been done in time to accommodate 2014.”

The change would've extended the D-III season by two weeks without moving up the start date of the season.

“Had the hockey package addressed the whole length-of-season issue, it might have generated a different discussion,” Schmotter said. “But even beyond that, it’s still not clear how the division feels about combining championships in general.”

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