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Goulakos Will Return for Colgate

CHN Staff Report

Colgate announced today that junior Spiro Goulakos, who missed time last year with Hodgkins lymphoma, will return to the team this season. The school said his cancer is in remission and he is fit to play.

Goulakos, who was named a captain during the offseason, left the team in late January to begin cancer treatments in his native Montreal, but was given the chance to play toward the end of the season after treatments were going well. He returned at Dartmouth on Feb. 16, but the highlight of his comeback came in his first game at home. The defensemen scored that game-winning goal against nationally-ranked Union in a 4-1 win.

During his holiday break in December, Goulakos underwent a routine physical examination. As part of that exam, one of the lab tests performed by the doctor returned abnormal results. Additional tests revealed that Goulakos had a large area of swelling in his chest that was not affecting his breathing or his stamina.

The doctors started him on chemotherapy shortly after the diagnosis. He went through months of the treatment, but now the Hodgkin's lymphoma is in full remission.

Dr. Merrill Miller, Colgate’s team physician who worked with Goulakos’ doctors in Montreal, said he will have testing done periodically.

“He feels well and has no restrictions,” Miller said. “He will have lab and radiology testing every few months for the next 1-2 years for the very low chance that the disease could return. He has had excellent health care from his specialists in Canada, and wonderful family and team support.”

Head coach Don Vaughan and Goulakos’ teammates are glad to have their captain back.

“All of us involved with Colgate hockey are very happy for Spiro and his family,” Vaughan added. “He has handled this illness with incredible courage and grace. We are excited to have him back in good health and leading our team as captain.”

Goulakos and his teammates will be on campus in late August to get ready for the upcoming season, which opens with Ferris State on Oct. 6 at Starr Rink.

“I want to say thanks for all the support from first and foremost my teammates and coaches, as well as the entire Colgate community,” Goulakos said. “I am looking forward to getting back on the ice at 100 percent and the challenge of helping our team win a championship.”

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