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NCHC Will Have Shootouts

CHN Staff Report

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Picking up where the CCHA left off, the new NCHC will incorporate shootouts to break ties during the regular season. The NCHC which consists of two teams from the now-defunct CCHA and six from the WCHA, will begin its inaugraul season this October.

The NCHC Board of Directors unanimously approved the use of a shootout to decide games after the NCAA standard five-minute, sudden-death overtime period has expired.

“The conference office and our member institutions are committed to engaging our fans in ways that provide them excitement in our home venues,” said NCHC commissioner Josh Fenton. “The use of a shootout at the conclusion of our standard overtime to determine an extra point within conference standings will make for an exciting race to determine the NCHC regular season champion. We are confident our passionate fans will enjoy this aspect of the game in similar ways to how it is embraced in the National Hockey League.”

The Pairwise will still count any game decided by shootout, as a tie for NCAA purposes, as it did for the CCHA. Also like the CCHA — and NHL — the shootout will feature three rounds, then sudden-death rounds after that.

Each conference game will be worth three points. Three points will be awarded to any team that wins a game in regulation or within the five-minute sudden-death overtime period. One point will be awarded to each team in a game that remains tied at the conclusion of the overtime period. One additional point will be awarded to the team who wins the shootout.

Non-conference games held in NCHC venues will also feature a shootout with mutual agreement from the visiting teams.

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