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Rules Committee Proposes Changes

CHN Staff Report

The NCAA Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Rules Committee made several small suggestions this week for rule changes, which will be sent to the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel for voting on July 16.

The committee wrapped its three-day meeting on Wednesday in Indianapolis.

“I would say that generally, we dissected our game and ultimately believe our current rules are serving us well,” said Tom Anastos, chair of the committee and head coach at Michigan State. “We continue to work to find ways to improve our game long term, but I would say we’re pleased with where we are right now.”

A hot topic in the past, the committee discussed the switch to three-quarter shields in place of the full facemask, but determined that more data needed to be collected before they could make a presentation.

“We are trying to be sure we help to collect data from any source that can be compared to NCAA data,” Anastos said. “The process has been challenging, but we will continue to work with leagues that use the shield so we can make an informed proposal if appropriate. We just don’t have enough information at this point.”

Getting away from full shields has been a cause for many NCAA coaches since shields were first mandated in 1980. Two years ago, the Committee finally decided to take action, organizing a data collection study in conjunction with the USHL. After two years, the Committee said it still needs more time.

Overtime was also discussed, but there wasn't enough support to change the format to 4-on-4 or lengthen overtime periods.

"Reducing the number of players in overtime (4-on-4) and lengthening the amount of time used for overtime did not gain significant traction," Anastos said. 

Of the changes that were proposed, the most significant include the addition of the "look-up line," which debuted as an experiment at Frozen Fenway this past season.

The line is a warning-track style line intended to positively impact safety by alerting players whose heads are down when they are near the boards. The use of this line will not be mandatory, but is permissible.

Also, if the puck leaves play while the attacking team is attempting the score, the faceoff would remain in the attacking zone.

Other changes include:

Several rule changes were also proposed for video replay, including:

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