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Investigation Finds No Wrongdoing at St. Lawrence

CHN Staff Report

A firm investigating St. Lawrence's hockey program, and head coach Mark Morris, found no evidence of major wrongdoing after a two-month investigation, a report filed this week revealed.

The school's Board of Trustees retained Bond, Schoeneck and King's Collegiate Sports Practice group to run the investigation after the school had received email and social media allegations concerning the program.

According to CHN sources, the charges alleged Morris ran practices and video sessions longer than proscribed NCAA-allowed times and more than the allowed days per week. There were also perhaps more explosive allegations revolving around threats towards players, verbal and mental abuse, and forcing players to play with injury.

The report said that none of the major allegations were substantiated, though it did determine that one extra Sunday video session took place, "constituting a minor violation of limit on NCAA countable athletically related activities."

The report also said:

1) the evidence did not support allegations that there was an unsafe environment for student-athletes

2) there was no evidence of financial aid improprieties

3) in one instance there was evidence that a student-athlete was offended by coaching staff language

According to the report, 2,000 documents and other information was reviewed, including medical information, financial aid records, personnel files, emails and other materials. The firm also conducted 55 recorded interviews, in person and by phone.

St. Lawrence's Board of Trustees Audit Committee, after reviewing the findings, recommended that no further action be taken, "except to report the one NCAA rule violation referenced above."

Because of confidentiality, the report did not get into specifics of what was said in the 55 interviews it conducted, and the school said it would have no further comment on the matter.

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