Central Scouting Service Players to Watch

The Players to Watch list (revised Nov. 17, 2005) contains names of players CSS is keeping an eye on from various leagues in North America. The Canadian Jr. A and Jr. B leagues, the United States Hockey League, U.S. High School, and the U.S. National Program, are all leagues where players can perform and maintain their college eligibility, unlike the Canadian Major Juniors.

As a result, most players on that list are either already committed to colleges for the future, or will be. The list is broken down into 'A' Players and 'B' Players. 'A' Players are defined as those most likely to go high in next year's NHL Draft, while 'B' Players are a potential later round selection.

College already committed to, if any, is listed on the right.

Canadian Junior Leagues

Alberta Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Barteaux, Ian      Fort Saskatchewan  29-Jul-1988  6-1  195  D     R
Fedun, Taylor      Fort Saskatchewan   4-Jun-1988  6-0  180  D     R  Princeton
Fontaine, Justin   Bonnyville          6-Nov-1987  5-10 155  RW    R
Lee, Jeffery       Drayton Valley     16-Jun-1988  6-2  195  C/LW  L  Alaska-Fairbanks
Martin, Jesse      Spruce Grove        7-Sep-1988  6-0  170  C     L  Denver
Mouillierat, Kyle  Drayton Valley      9-Dec-1987  5-11 165  C     L  Minnesota-State
Russell, Jeremy    Drayton Valley     16-Jan-1987  6-0  190  D     L  Brown

British Columbia Hockey League
'B' Players
Cey, Patrick       Vernon       13-Jun-1987  6-1   177  F   L
Felde, Erik        Vernon       29-Dec-1987  5-11  185  D   L  Alaska-Anchorage
Lebler, Brian      Penticton    16-Jul-1988  6-2   205  LW  L  Michigan
Miller, T.J        Penticton    15-Sep-1986  6-4   210  D   L  Northern Michigan
Nash, Brendan      Salmon Arm   31-Mar-1987  6-3   206  D   L  Cornell

Manitoba Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Clark, Kevin      Winnipeg South Blues  29-Dec-1987  5-8   155  RW    R  Alaska-Anchorage
Malchuk, Joel     Dauphin Kings         16-Jul-1988  5-10  170  C     R
Selby, Ken        Dauphin Kings         5-Mar-1986   6-2   185  C/LW  L  Alaska-Anchorage

Mid Western Ontario Jr. B Hockey League
'B' Players
Dupont, Paul      Cambridge     27-Aug-1988  5-11  180  RW  R
Mcmann, Bobby     Owen Sound    20-Jul-1987  5-10  175  C   L

Ontario Provincial Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Auger, Chris      Wellington   16-Dec-1987  5-11  170  C     L  Mass-Lowell
Gysbers, Simon    Stouffville   7-May-1987  6-4   190  D     L  Lake Superior
Leblanc, Peter    Hamilton      3-Feb-1988  5-10  175  C/LW  L  New Hampshire
Mcintyre, David   Newmarket     4-Feb-1987  5-11  180  C     L  Colgate
Price, Matt       Milton        3-Jul-1988  5-10  170  C/LW  L  Boston College
'B' Goaltenders
Smith, Matt       Mississauga  23-Feb-1988  6-1   210  G     L  Clarkson

Quebec AAA Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Chabot-Maltais, David        Longueuil     8-Mar-1988  5-10  180  D   R
Findlay, Darcy               Champlain    29-Sep-1987  5-10  194  RW  R
Robitaille, Jean-Christophe  St-Jerome    13-Jun-1987  6-1   191  RW  R
'B' Goaltenders
Cesar, Stephane              Valleyfield  18-Mar-1988  6-3   170  G   R

Saskatchewan Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Gallagher, Blake         Notre Dame  10-Feb-1988  5-7   175  C  R  Cornell
Nehring, Chad            Yorkton      7-May-1987  5-11  195  C  R

Western Ontario Jr. B Hockey League
'B' Players
Steffes, Greg            Chatham      6-Sep-1988  6-0   185  D  L

U.S. Junior Leagues

Atlantic Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Romano, Tony          NY Bobcats   5-Jan-1988  5-10  170  C  R  Cornell
Vanderbeek, Rem       NJ Rockets  28-Dec-1987  6-1   175  C  R

Eastern Jr. Hockey League
'B' Players
Burrows, Josh      Junior Bruins   6-Jan-1988  6-1    175  D   L
Butler, Bobby      Junior Bruins  26-Apr-1987  6-0    180  W   R  New Hampshire
Gaudet, Joseph     Jr. Monarchs   29-May-1987  6-3    190  RW  R  Dartmouth
Mayer, Austin      Jr. Stars      26-Jul-1988  5-10   170  LW  L
Murphy, Chris      Jr. Stars      23-Jan-1987  5-10   170  LW  L
'B' Goaltenders
Simpson, Ryan      Jr. Monarchs   10-Feb-1988  6-0.5  189  G   L

North American Hockey League
'A' Players
Kantola, Kia          Fargo-Moorhead      11-Sep-1987  6-1.5   176  C   R
'B' Players
Camper, Carter        Cleveland            6-Jul-1988  5-10    175  C   R
Conboy, Andrew        Wichita Falls       16-May-1988  6-3.5   186  LW  L
Fuller, Ryan          Texas                4-Nov-1987  6-1     222  LW  L
Hernandez, Justin     Springfield         23-Oct-1987  5-11    176  C   R
Maroon, Patrick       Texarkana           23-Apr-1988  6-2.5   222  LW  L
Mattila, Troy         Springfield         12-Jan-1988  6-2.5   176  LW  L
Paeth, Travis         Traverse City       29-Sep-1987  5-10.5  182  RW  R
Schack, Brian         Southern Minnesota  11-Jan-1987  6-3     210  D   L
Sponseller, Adam      Traverse City       12-Jan-1988  6-0     180  C   R
'B' Goaltenders
Christian, Bryce      Fairbanks           23-Jan-1987  6-2     186  G   L

United States Hockey League
'A' Players
Cohen, Zachary        Tri-City       6-Feb-1987  6-2.5  195  LW  L  Boston University
Gryba, Eric           Green Bay     14-Apr-1988  6-3.5  215  F   R
Lewis, Trevor         Des Moines     8-Jan-1987  6-1    192  C   R
Morin, Chad           Sioux City    15-Apr-1988  5-11   205  D   L
Okposo, Kyle          Des Moines    16-Apr-1988  6-0    195  RW  R  Minnesota
Rowe, Andrew          Sioux City    22-Jan-1988  6-0    175  LW  L  Michigan State
Turek, Ryan           Omaha         22-Sep-1987  5-11   170  C   R  Michigan State
'B' Players
Ambroz, Matt          Tri-City      25-Mar-1987  6-3    190  RW  R
Axtell, Phillip       Cedar Rapids  13-Aug-1986  6-5.5  250  LW  L  Michigan Tech
Bollig, Brandon       Lincoln       31-Jan-1987  6-2    210  C   L
Coffey, Sean          Sioux City     9-May-1988  6-1.5  190  D   R  Brown
Dolan, Sean           Indiana       11-Feb-1988  6-2.5  175  C   R
Hepp, Chris           Omaha         21-Jun-1987  6-1    190  D   R  Air Force
Kaunisto, Ray         Cedar Rapids   7-Feb-1987  6-2.5  180  LW  L  Northern Michigan
Klimek, Lukas         Indiana       14-Nov-1986  6-2    196  LW  L  Nebraska-Omaha
Lawson, Daniel        Chicago       28-Jun-1988  6-2.5  223  D   L
Mitchell, John        Indiana       10-Jul-1986  6-6    208  LW  L  Wisconsin
Skarica, Pasko        Waterloo      24-Jan-1987  6-3    218  D   L
Steffes, Gary         Cedar Rapids  20-May-1987  6-1.5  192  RW  R  Miami-Ohio
Tallet, Ian           Chicago        1-Oct-1987  6-1.5  190  D   L
Testwuide, Mike       Waterloo       5-Feb-1987  6-2.5  216  RW  R
Tiesling, Patrick     Sioux Falls    5-Jan-1988  6-1.5  194  LW  L
Toy, Corey            Omaha          9-Aug-1988  6-0    190  D   R
Wiles, Sean           Tri-City      15-Jun-1987  6-3    185  C   R
Willert, Jordan       Tri-City       6-Nov-1987  6-2.5  215  RW  R
'B' Goaltenders
Kangas, Alex          Sioux Falls   28-May-1987  6-1.5  175  G   L
Murray, John          Sioux Falls    4-Jul-1987  6-0.5  190  G   L

U.S. High School and Other

United States High Schools East
'A' Players
Baier, Eric           Taft                 26-Mar-1988  6-1     180  D   R  Dartmouth / 2007
Devin, Joe            Catholic Memorial     5-Oct-1987  6-1     191  C   R
Griffin, Michael      Noble & Greenough    19-Jun-1988  6-2     180  C   R
O'Neill, Will         Tabor Academy        28-Apr-1988  6-0     193  D   L
Quick, Kevin          Salisbury            29-Mar-1988  6-0     175  D   L
Smith, Joe            Phillips-Andover      8-Jun-1988  6-0     192  C   R
'B' Players
Biega, Alex           Salisbury             4-Apr-1988  5-10    180  D   R
Cahill, Chris         Phillips-Andover     26-Jan-1987  5-11    185  LW  L
Carpino, Owen         Governor Dummer      21-Mar-1988  6-0     175  C   L
Child, Peter          St. Paul's            3-Feb-1988  6-0     190  D   L
Clayman, Jack         Governor Dummer      25-Apr-1988  6-0.5   171  LW  L
Coughlin, Sean        Cushing Academy       1-Dec-1987  6-0     180  D   R
Cullity, Pat          Berkshire            26-Jan-1987  6-1     190  D   L  Vermont
Curran, Alex          Cushing Academy      10-Jan-1987  6-2     177  RW  R
Day, Brian            Governor Dummer       4-Aug-1988  6-0     186  RW  R
Devin, Mike           Catholic Memorial     5-Oct-1987  6-2     198  D   R
Gibbons, Brian        Thayer Academy       26-Feb-1988  5-7     147  C   L  Boston College / 07
Hextall, Brett        Northwood            17-Apr-1988  5-10    175  C   R
Lombardi, Matt        Governor Dummer       9-Nov-1987  5-11    185  C   R
McNamara, Kevin       Belmont Hill         28-Jul-1988  6-0     175  D   R
Rogers, Doug          St. Sebastian's      20-Jan-1988  6-0     175  C   R  Harvard
Schneider, Cory       Northwood            25-Aug-1988  5-11    180  LW  L
Smith, Ben            Westminster          11-Jul-1988  5-10.5  193  C   R  Boston College
'B' Goaltenders
Bachman, Richard      Cushing Academy      25-Jul-1987  5-11    160  G   L
McNary, Seth          Lawrence Academy     12-Oct-1987  6-3     215  G   L
Muse, John            Nobles                1-Aug-1988  5-11    175  G   L

United States High Schools West
'A' Players
Fischer, David        Apple Valley         19-Feb-1988  6-3     185  D   L  Minnesota
Forney, Michael       Thief River Falls    14-May-1988  6-2     185  C   R  North Dakota
Grun, David           White Bear Lake      17-Dec-1987  6-0.5   185  RW  R
Marvin, Aaron         Warroad              27-May-1988  6-2     191  LW  L
Medvec, Kyle          Apple Valley         16-Jun-1988  6-5     191  D   L
Pederson, Tyler       St. Louis Park        4-Nov-1987  6-4     208  D   R
Sneep, Carl           Brainerd              5-Nov-1987  6-4     210  D   R
'B' Players
Beller, Jeremy        Lake of The Woods    20-Jul-1988  6-2     176  LW  L
Downing, Brian        Duluth East          19-Nov-1987  6-1.5   176  D   R
Fulton, Jordan        Breck                12-Sep-1987  6-0.5   191  C   L
Gwidt, Brent          Lakeland             20-Feb-1988  6-2     198  C   L
Inderieden, Andy      Breck                11-Apr-1988  6-2     200  LW  L
Lapoint, Derrick      Eau Claire North     13-May-1988  6-3     165  D   L
Peterson, Brett       Elk River            14-Apr-1988  6-1.5   195  LW  L
Ruegsegger, Tyler     Shattuck-St. Mary's  19-Jan-1988  5-11    170  RW  R  Denver
Sackrison, Andy       St. Louis Park       12-Dec-1987  6-1     178  C   L
'B' Goaltenders
Lee, Austin           Bloomington-Jeffer.  15-Sep-1988  6-2.5   185  G   L  Princeton

U.S. National U-18 Team
'A' Players
Carman, Michael       US Nat'l U-18     14-Apr-1988  6-0    180  F   L  Minnesota
Flynn, Ryan           US Nat'l U-18     22-Mar-1988  6-2.5  212  F   R  Minnesota
Geoffrion, Blake      US Nat'l U-18      3-Feb-1988  6-1    190  LW  L  Wisconsin
Johnson, Erik         US Nat'l U-18     21-Mar-1988  6-4    222  D   R  Minnesota
McBain, Jamie         US Nat'l U-18     25-Feb-1988  6-1.5  190  D   R  Wisconsin
Montgomery, Kevin     US Nat'l U-18      4-Apr-1988  6-1    185  D   L  Ohio State
Rakhshani, Rhett      US Nat'l U-18      6-Mar-1988  5-10   170  RW  R  Denver
Ratchuk, Michael      US Nat'l U-18     20-Feb-1988  5-10   175  D   L  Michigan State
Strait, Brian         US Nat'l U-18      4-Jan-1988  6-0.5  200  D   L  Boston University
Summers, Chris        US Nat'l U-18      5-Feb-1988  6-1.5  180  D   L  Michigan
Williams, Nigel       US Nat'l U-18     18-Apr-1988  6-4.5  226  D   L  Wisconsin
'B' Players
Atkinson, Chris       US Nat'l U-18     31-Mar-1988  5-8    175  F   R  Vermont
Palm, Trent           US Nat'l U-18     10-Jun-1988  6-0    206  D   R
Squires, Greg         US Nat'l U-18      6-Jul-1988  5-6    170  RW  R  Boston University
'A' Goaltenders
Palmer, Joseph        US Nat'l U-18     19-Feb-1988  6-1    205  G   L  Ohio State
Limited Viewing
Bennett, Brett        US Nat'l U-18      8-Mar-1988  6-1    185  G   L  Boston University

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