2017‑18 KRACH Ratings

KRACH is endorsed by College Hockey News as the best system to objectively rank teams. It stands for "Ken's Ratings for American College Hockey", because it was a statistician named Ken Butler who first implemented the methodology for college hockey.

Note: The ratings are immediately updated as results come in. For more, see below the chart or view the FAQ.

No games were returned for this season.

RRWPRound Robin Winning Percentage. A team's theoretical winning percentage would be if you played every other team, one time each.
RatioThe Ratio of wins to losses (as opposed to Win %, which is wins divided by games).
SOSStrength of Schedule

Note: For the purposes of NCAA eligibility (and therefore KRACH), a team's record is based only on games against other Division I hockey schools which are eligible for the NCAA Tournament.

KRACH Explained

As explained above, KRACH is the implementation of a sophisticated mathematical model known as the Bradley-Terry rating system, first applied to college hockey by a statistician named Ken Butler. While the model is sophisticated, and needs a computer to calculate, its essential meaning is actually quite simple.

The key to understanding KRACH is understanding that it's calculated recursively, so that the end result is self-evident by the results. In other words, if you took one team's schedule to date, and played a theoretical "game" for each game already actually played, using the KRACH ratings themselves in order to predict the winner, then the end result would be a theoretical won-loss percentage that matches the team's actual won-loss percentage. Pretty cool.

It is not possible to do any better than that with a completely objective method. Any other method introduces arbitrary-ness and/or subjectivity.

(See the FAQ for a more complete explanation.)

More detailed explanations of the KRACH ratings can be found under the following links

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