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Pairwise Player

For more details about this terms, how they work and what they mean, see our Pairwise Primer.

Record vs. Common Opponents
Our tool that allows you to customize the results of games so far this season, or upcoming games; or any of the other Pairwise criteria, to see how it would affect the results.
The line at which teams above it will qualify as at-large selections. Before the conference autobids have been determined, we assume that an autobid will come from the highest rated team in that conference. If a team below the cutline eventually wins an autobid, that will change the location of the cutline.
Head to Head record against each other.
The probability of making the NCAAs according to CHN's Probability Matrix. We run thousands of simulations of the remainder of the season to see what would happen, and the Prob. is the result. This is not usually run until the conference playoffs have begun.
Pairwise Comparison. Each one of these represents a "win" in a comparison of that team to another team. All teams are compared to each other.
Quality Win Bonus. If you beat a team in the Top 20 of the RPI, you get "bonus" points on your RPI, on a sliding scale (i.e. more for defeating No. 1 than No. 20).
Ratings Percentage Index. The method used to factor strength of schedule into a team's won-loss record. The RPI is adjusted for other factors including a) home-road; b) "good wins"; c) "bad wins"
You Are The Committee. That's the name for CHN's tool that allows you to plug in your own results for upcoming conference playoff games, and see how it would affect the Pairwise. You can run many scenarios. This tool is available once all teams are known for the final weekend of conference tournaments.